Sunday, August 4, 2013

I Graduated! :)

I can proudly say that I have graduated from the Nordstrom Internship Program. It was such a great experience, and I learned so much. It flew by so fast it doesn't seem right that it is over already. 

The last few days were really busy for the interns as our final days were coming to an end. We had our presentations and they also had a little graduation ceremony for us. It was really sweet we got recognized in front of all the department managers and thanked for all of our hard work that we have done this summer. Each of us also got to have one-on-one meetings with the store manager. During that meeting she just asked me how I liked the internship and what my plans are for after I graduate.

I really am considering going back to work for Nordstrom after I graduate, because I do have that option. Nordstrom is an amazing company to work for I would never be able to work for another department store. I am keeping my options open though and we will see after I graduate :)! I have grown so much during this internship and have fallen even more in love with the fashion industry. Nordstrom offers so many different jobs that I didn't even realize we're available. My eyes have definitely been opened to new opportunities, and I will be taking the things I've learned from this internship with me for the future! 

(Booklet my salon shoes team made me!) 

(My best friend this summer was my morning coffee) 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Presentation Day

We had our presentation a couple days ago and it went great! Everyone's presentations went really well and I know our judges had a hard time picking a winner. Just for a fresh reminder, we gave presentations on how to gain the attention of the millennial customer. The millennial customer is a younger target market from around 16-23 who is very fashion forward, loves the latest trends, and is price conscious.

We really focused our presentation on how to gain their attention, which would bring them in and make them want to continue to shop at Nordstrom. Our main focus was being more tech savvy, by having a social media hub that could be more interactive and fun for our customers. We also talked a lot about sensory marketing, just having creative visuals, playing good music, and making it more of a one-stop-shop. Our last idea that we ended with, was having an event for the millennial customer. We thought a fashion show would be a good idea and then they could shop the looks after. We could reach out to local schools and make it an annual fun event targeted just to them.

Our presentation went amazing! We presented it in front of the store manager,  one of the regional merchandisers, the manager of designer sales, and also the human resource manager. I was pretty nervous at first, but our team actually did a great job and we were the winning team for our store. It was really exciting that we won and it meant that our video got submitted to be judged for the region. We didn't end up winning regionally but it was still really neat that we won for our store and everyone thought we did an amazing job! It was such a good way to end my last few days as a Nordstrom intern!  

Monday, July 29, 2013

World of Valentino

We had a really exciting event take place on the designer floor last week! It was the World of Valentino Trunk Show and it was so amazing. Every Valentino sample we had for pre- fall was literally like a work of art. The event was so much fun and I'm glad I was still here to be able to attend.

About a week before the event our team had started calling our customers to let them know about the event, and to set up appointments with them. We had a really good turn out, and even people who hadn't been called were coming to the third floor to see what was going on. There was a dj playing music and the event was catered with drinks and hors d'oeuvres for our customers as well. A rep from Valentino was there to help any customers who wanted to know more or to be personally styled. There were pre-fall samples in Valentino shoes, clothes, and handbags. There was also models walking around during the whole event. Everything was so beautiful! 

The trunk show was a success! Not only did we meet our goal for that day, but we also exceeded it, which is always exciting! I know the customers really enjoyed their time just by how well they responded to the event. It isn't everyday that you get to attend something so neat.  I mean I know I was super excited to be there! It was a really great experience, and something I could never get tired of! Valentino honestly designs such beautiful and creative pieces that you could just look at all day! I was definitely in awe by everything. 

(Pictures from the event)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Lunch with Helen

These past couple of weeks have been so busy for the interns. It was many of ours first experience with anniversary. We've also had classes, homework, reviews, meetings, and still made time for sells. I have to admit I'm pretty exhausted with all that has been going on! Luckily we have a pretty great store manager, (Helen), who provided us with some downtime and got us a really great lunch.

It was a really good time to have all the interns together. Also, it was nice that Helen was there along with a few others from management. It feels great to be appreciated by everyone as interns, and to be thanked for all of our hard work! 

We had an amazing lunch from Panera Bread and we also had more cake! They made a slide show of all of us at work, or hanging with each other after hours, and also us as a group. We also played a game call "Who am I", and it was so fun to see how well we've all gotten to know each other during our time at Nordstrom. All the interns received funny little awards that had been voted on by our peers, and I won the best "selfie" award (haha). It was a really good time for all of us to just take a breather and realize that it's almost over! In the next three days I will be giving my presentation, graduating, and having my last one-on-one meeting with Helen! Wednesday is my last day, and I have to say I'm going to miss coming to Nordstrom every day! 

(My new moto "A selfie a day keeps the doctor away"!)  :) 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Professional Development

I can officially say that I have completed the Nordstrom internship classes! Our last class was on professional development and it was a really good class to end with and to learn from. 

One of the main things we talked about was learning agility. Learning agility is basically the ability to learn new concepts and skills as your role or environment changes. As you continue to grow with Nordstrom it is very important that you do have this skill because it is an ever evolving company. You have to be able to except new ideas and changes, as well as, being able to adapt to them.

Another thing we talked about is transitioning into management. I'm really glad this is something we went over because it can be a big step from just being on the sells floor. As an assistant manager you still have to maintain your SPH while helping your team and many other things. It could be challenging for some, so in class we went over ways to better adapt to those changes.

I was kinda relieved yet upset at the en of this class just because that means were pretty much finished, except these last couple days at work. We still have the project presentation coming up and our graduation day! I'm so excited! :) 

(We're almost there) 

Friday, July 26, 2013

60 Day Evaluation

As my final days are coming to a close, I am starting to realize how far I've come since almost two months ago. I was recently given my 60 day review and I find it so crazy that it has went be so fast.  It honestly feels like yesterday was my first day. I'm sad that it'll be ending next Wednesday.

My 60 day evaluation went really well. It's pretty much just a review of how I've done and how far I've come. It lets me know strengths and weakness and where my manager sees me going after the internship. I was really eager to see what my manager had to say about my progress, and I am proud of how well I have done.

My department manager fills out a questionnaire for each team member that asks questions about being a team player, providing customer service, going above and beyond for the customer. After the questionnaire there is room to leave comments. She really let me know how well I've done and where I could still use some improvements. I think it is so important to get that type of feedback so you can continue to grow. I think I have come pretty far since day one and I'm definitely proud of myself! 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

10 Days Left

I honestly can't believe that there are only ten days left in my internship. Time has went by so fast, it seems like just yesterday was my first day in training. I've come a long way since then, and I can definitely see my self staying with this company for a long time.

There are so many things happening in the next ten days that I am pretty excited about. Not only is the Anniversary Sale still going on, but it is also time for 60 day reviews and many other things. In the next ten days my intern project is due,  one more class to attend, lunch and interview with the store manager, and my graduation from the intern program.

It's a pretty bittersweet feeling, because I'm excited that I've almost completed the intern program, but I'm also sad that it'll be over. I have learned so much and improved so much. I feel more comfortable on the sales floor while interacting with customers and I've made some good connections as well!

The other day  I was talking with the manager of the designer floor and he asked me if he was to offer me an assistant manager position right after I graduate would I take it, and he wanted my honest answer. I told him that from what I've learned you really need to know how to do everything and gain as much experience as you can before teaching someone else, and that two months isn't enough time to really excel in every possible aspect of being an assistant manager. I believe it would be smarter to do sales a bit longer to better myself, and then I would be able to take on that task. He agreed with me and was glad that I had realized how much better it is to gain more experience before jumping into something you may not be ready for. With that being said, hopefully my future at Nordstrom is a bright one with lots of opportunity! 

(A lot of amazing boots for the anniversary sale!!!)