Sunday, August 4, 2013

I Graduated! :)

I can proudly say that I have graduated from the Nordstrom Internship Program. It was such a great experience, and I learned so much. It flew by so fast it doesn't seem right that it is over already. 

The last few days were really busy for the interns as our final days were coming to an end. We had our presentations and they also had a little graduation ceremony for us. It was really sweet we got recognized in front of all the department managers and thanked for all of our hard work that we have done this summer. Each of us also got to have one-on-one meetings with the store manager. During that meeting she just asked me how I liked the internship and what my plans are for after I graduate.

I really am considering going back to work for Nordstrom after I graduate, because I do have that option. Nordstrom is an amazing company to work for I would never be able to work for another department store. I am keeping my options open though and we will see after I graduate :)! I have grown so much during this internship and have fallen even more in love with the fashion industry. Nordstrom offers so many different jobs that I didn't even realize we're available. My eyes have definitely been opened to new opportunities, and I will be taking the things I've learned from this internship with me for the future! 

(Booklet my salon shoes team made me!) 

(My best friend this summer was my morning coffee) 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Presentation Day

We had our presentation a couple days ago and it went great! Everyone's presentations went really well and I know our judges had a hard time picking a winner. Just for a fresh reminder, we gave presentations on how to gain the attention of the millennial customer. The millennial customer is a younger target market from around 16-23 who is very fashion forward, loves the latest trends, and is price conscious.

We really focused our presentation on how to gain their attention, which would bring them in and make them want to continue to shop at Nordstrom. Our main focus was being more tech savvy, by having a social media hub that could be more interactive and fun for our customers. We also talked a lot about sensory marketing, just having creative visuals, playing good music, and making it more of a one-stop-shop. Our last idea that we ended with, was having an event for the millennial customer. We thought a fashion show would be a good idea and then they could shop the looks after. We could reach out to local schools and make it an annual fun event targeted just to them.

Our presentation went amazing! We presented it in front of the store manager,  one of the regional merchandisers, the manager of designer sales, and also the human resource manager. I was pretty nervous at first, but our team actually did a great job and we were the winning team for our store. It was really exciting that we won and it meant that our video got submitted to be judged for the region. We didn't end up winning regionally but it was still really neat that we won for our store and everyone thought we did an amazing job! It was such a good way to end my last few days as a Nordstrom intern!  

Monday, July 29, 2013

World of Valentino

We had a really exciting event take place on the designer floor last week! It was the World of Valentino Trunk Show and it was so amazing. Every Valentino sample we had for pre- fall was literally like a work of art. The event was so much fun and I'm glad I was still here to be able to attend.

About a week before the event our team had started calling our customers to let them know about the event, and to set up appointments with them. We had a really good turn out, and even people who hadn't been called were coming to the third floor to see what was going on. There was a dj playing music and the event was catered with drinks and hors d'oeuvres for our customers as well. A rep from Valentino was there to help any customers who wanted to know more or to be personally styled. There were pre-fall samples in Valentino shoes, clothes, and handbags. There was also models walking around during the whole event. Everything was so beautiful! 

The trunk show was a success! Not only did we meet our goal for that day, but we also exceeded it, which is always exciting! I know the customers really enjoyed their time just by how well they responded to the event. It isn't everyday that you get to attend something so neat.  I mean I know I was super excited to be there! It was a really great experience, and something I could never get tired of! Valentino honestly designs such beautiful and creative pieces that you could just look at all day! I was definitely in awe by everything. 

(Pictures from the event)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Lunch with Helen

These past couple of weeks have been so busy for the interns. It was many of ours first experience with anniversary. We've also had classes, homework, reviews, meetings, and still made time for sells. I have to admit I'm pretty exhausted with all that has been going on! Luckily we have a pretty great store manager, (Helen), who provided us with some downtime and got us a really great lunch.

It was a really good time to have all the interns together. Also, it was nice that Helen was there along with a few others from management. It feels great to be appreciated by everyone as interns, and to be thanked for all of our hard work! 

We had an amazing lunch from Panera Bread and we also had more cake! They made a slide show of all of us at work, or hanging with each other after hours, and also us as a group. We also played a game call "Who am I", and it was so fun to see how well we've all gotten to know each other during our time at Nordstrom. All the interns received funny little awards that had been voted on by our peers, and I won the best "selfie" award (haha). It was a really good time for all of us to just take a breather and realize that it's almost over! In the next three days I will be giving my presentation, graduating, and having my last one-on-one meeting with Helen! Wednesday is my last day, and I have to say I'm going to miss coming to Nordstrom every day! 

(My new moto "A selfie a day keeps the doctor away"!)  :) 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Professional Development

I can officially say that I have completed the Nordstrom internship classes! Our last class was on professional development and it was a really good class to end with and to learn from. 

One of the main things we talked about was learning agility. Learning agility is basically the ability to learn new concepts and skills as your role or environment changes. As you continue to grow with Nordstrom it is very important that you do have this skill because it is an ever evolving company. You have to be able to except new ideas and changes, as well as, being able to adapt to them.

Another thing we talked about is transitioning into management. I'm really glad this is something we went over because it can be a big step from just being on the sells floor. As an assistant manager you still have to maintain your SPH while helping your team and many other things. It could be challenging for some, so in class we went over ways to better adapt to those changes.

I was kinda relieved yet upset at the en of this class just because that means were pretty much finished, except these last couple days at work. We still have the project presentation coming up and our graduation day! I'm so excited! :) 

(We're almost there) 

Friday, July 26, 2013

60 Day Evaluation

As my final days are coming to a close, I am starting to realize how far I've come since almost two months ago. I was recently given my 60 day review and I find it so crazy that it has went be so fast.  It honestly feels like yesterday was my first day. I'm sad that it'll be ending next Wednesday.

My 60 day evaluation went really well. It's pretty much just a review of how I've done and how far I've come. It lets me know strengths and weakness and where my manager sees me going after the internship. I was really eager to see what my manager had to say about my progress, and I am proud of how well I have done.

My department manager fills out a questionnaire for each team member that asks questions about being a team player, providing customer service, going above and beyond for the customer. After the questionnaire there is room to leave comments. She really let me know how well I've done and where I could still use some improvements. I think it is so important to get that type of feedback so you can continue to grow. I think I have come pretty far since day one and I'm definitely proud of myself! 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

10 Days Left

I honestly can't believe that there are only ten days left in my internship. Time has went by so fast, it seems like just yesterday was my first day in training. I've come a long way since then, and I can definitely see my self staying with this company for a long time.

There are so many things happening in the next ten days that I am pretty excited about. Not only is the Anniversary Sale still going on, but it is also time for 60 day reviews and many other things. In the next ten days my intern project is due,  one more class to attend, lunch and interview with the store manager, and my graduation from the intern program.

It's a pretty bittersweet feeling, because I'm excited that I've almost completed the intern program, but I'm also sad that it'll be over. I have learned so much and improved so much. I feel more comfortable on the sales floor while interacting with customers and I've made some good connections as well!

The other day  I was talking with the manager of the designer floor and he asked me if he was to offer me an assistant manager position right after I graduate would I take it, and he wanted my honest answer. I told him that from what I've learned you really need to know how to do everything and gain as much experience as you can before teaching someone else, and that two months isn't enough time to really excel in every possible aspect of being an assistant manager. I believe it would be smarter to do sales a bit longer to better myself, and then I would be able to take on that task. He agreed with me and was glad that I had realized how much better it is to gain more experience before jumping into something you may not be ready for. With that being said, hopefully my future at Nordstrom is a bright one with lots of opportunity! 

(A lot of amazing boots for the anniversary sale!!!)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

First Day of Public Access

When starting this internship I had never really shopped at Nordstrom before. I had been in the store and I knew about the company, but there wasn't one close enough for me to shop at! Now that I've interned here it would be really hard for me to shop at any other department store! One reason being the anniversary sale. I mean seriously, its such an amazing sale for customers. They are getting new items for fall before they hit the floor anywhere else and they are also discounted. Doesn't get much better than that.

Having said that, yesterday was the first day that the sale opened to the public and it was crazy! We opened the store early and all the customers were so excited to get their hands on all the new merchandise. Most of them are already prepared; they've gotten the catalog, and they come in and get everything the need then their out. Others love to be shown all the new merchandise and like to try it on. Needless to say, it was a very busy day!

Today has been just as busy! We're actually starting to sell out of certain things in the company! That's how fast everything is going! Working anniversary has been fun so far, and ill be sad when my internship is up, but it's been such an amazing experience! :) 

(Different shades of purple HOT HOT HOT for this fall!!!!)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

People Development

Our third class that we had was mostly about people development. We learned things about; recruitment, business reviews,  how to coach and motivate your team, and also how told hold employees accountable for compliance issues and other things of that nature. It was a very informative class, and I learned a few things that I hadn't even thought about before.

One of the most important things we discussed was teaching vs. coaching. Teaching would be considered the sharing of knowledge, whereas, coaching is guiding, developing, and enhancing their skills. It is very important to understand the difference when becoming a manager because you can't expect your team to know something they haven't been taught. You also have to be willing to coach them along the way .

Another big thing that I hadn't really thought about before was how mangers have to deal with ethical situations. During class we did an exercise where one person was the manager and one person has doing something wrong and we had to role play how we would approach and solve the problem. I never realized how awkward it could be in some situations, and I'm glad we went over different ways to handle those types of issues.

Overall, this class really opened my eyes to how to become a better manager for the future. It not only taught me what to look for when hiring someone, but also, how to teach and coach my team to drive results.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Advantage of Appointments

During this past week I have learned how important making appointments with your customers really are. Setting up appointments can make a huge difference at the end of the day. They are a win-win situation, because not only are you connecting with your customer on a more personal level, you are also selling more and making more.

I have only had one appointment during early access, but that is mainly because I haven't been there long enough to build up clientele. I have learned a lot about appointments though by watching some of our top sellers with their appointments.  It really helps drive their business because they shop the entire store with their customer. 

By setting up appointments it makes it easier to suggest more to your customer, as well as, cross sell through the entire store. Usually your customer already knows you and trusts you to help them pick out things for themselves and their family. Some of the top sellers on our team have been there for so long that their customers really depend on them to help them out. Basically, setting up appointments pretty much guarantees that you will sell more, therefore, you will be making more, driving results, and picking up volume! 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

First Day of Early Access

Early access for Anniversary Sale is finally here, and oh my goodness yesterday was crazy. I was not expecting it to be so many people so soon, but I was wrong! It was actually a really fun day and busy, busy, busy!

My day started out with my very first appointment. I was really excited, because during and appointment you really get a one-on-one connection with you customer. She was really interested in the boots we had for anniversary, so before she came I had a selection set up for her. It was a good time and she really enjoyed trying on the boots an was glad I could help her decide on which ones to get. 

After my appointment it was still busy all day. It was fun too see how many people get so excited about the sale! I mean I seriously heard everyone say they had been counting down the days! It's always really good to see customers excited about something like that, and also that you can be there to help them! It has already been so crazy just for early access, I can't even imagine what it's going to be like once the sale is open to the public! Can't wait :) ! 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

It's Almost Over!

Since I am halfway through the internship I figured I could recap some of my experiences and how much I've learned so far. It has honestly been a great experience so far and the best part is still yet to come, anniversary sale!! :) This internship has really opened me up to different opportunities that I never would have thought of before.

Working for Nordstrom is truly an amazing experience. The employees are so appreciated by everyone else and everyone works as a team to provide the best possible service to the customer. I've never really seen customer service so "crazy" I guess I could say. I mean honestly, Nordstrom customers are valued so much that there isn't even a return policy, which in return is our number one selling tool. Nordstrom wants to gain the respect of every customer who walks through the door and its been great to be able to experience that, because no where else really provides that one on one relationship. 

Another thing that has been a real eye opener for me is working on commission. Being in a more competitive atmosphere has taught me a lot. I know now you have to treat every customer like its your last, because in reality it could be. You have to build your own business and keep you customer at the top of your priorities, as well as, build and maintain a relationship with them. Interning as a possible assistant manager has shown me both sides. I have learned a lot about how to become a team leader while still working on the sales floor.

I am really glad that I was able to get this internship. It has opened new doors for me within the company. I will be sad to leave during the semester, but hopefully I will be going back the start of next year. Next week starts anniversary sale and I'm super excited to be a part of it. I'm very proud of where I am now as to where I was before, and I have grown a lot and can't wait to learn some more! 

Also, it is time to get next season's must have items right now! 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Social Media is a MUST!

Social media is such a huge part of today's world. I don't know one person who doesn't check either Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter at least one to three times a day. Because it is so big in today's world, it should be incorporated in every company. Nordstrom has been working hard to stay on top of everything with social media, as well as, all the latest technologies.

I believe that if you aren't utilizing social medias to your best interest then you are losing that connection with your customer. I know from my own experience I love to see what new trends are out, who's styling them how, and where I can get them. What better way to show your customer that than by updating your social medias often and also making them interactive.

Nordstrom does pretty well updating their social medias and definitely stays on top of things with new technologies. There are a few areas that could be improved though. I know one thing that works in my department is sending out emails to our customer about trends that week and what are the must have items. My department manager and I try to take pictures everyday to send out to customers getting them excited for what's coming up and also a few different ways to style that item. It really does make a difference when you keep social medias updated and make them fun and entertaining for your customer.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Connecting with the YC customer

I can't believe there is only a month left in my internship! It has gone by way too fast. On that note, today we were given our project for the end of our internship. The main point of the project is for us to create a presentation of ideas on how to connect better with the YC customer, a younger customer. Nordstrom is really trying to reach out and gain more attention from this type of customer, and as interns we get to brainstorm ideas and put together presentations for our store manager.

Today was the first day we got to meet in our groups to discuss ideas we may have . Our presentations have to amazing and interactive because it is a contest between all the interns. Whoever wins at our store will be judged regionally and whoever wins that will be judged corporately, so it is a really good time to shine and be recognized in the intern program.

We have some pretty good ideas so far. My group is going to try and focus on three main parts that we think could really make a difference in connecting with that YC customer. One thing we are going to be focusing on is sensory merchandising. The environment needs to be interactive and entertaining drawing them in and making them want to stay and shop. We also think that there needs to be an increase in the use of social media and interactive social media, because that is one thing that is probably lacking the most to gain the knowledge from the YC customer. One last point that we are going to touch on is reaching out to high schools and colleges and hosting events for them to attend. I really think these things could help improve the relationship with the YC customer and I can't wait until our project comes together more.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Anniversary time at Nordstrom

For the past week we have been preparing for our Anniversary Rally for the entire store. The rally is to get every one pumped up and excited for anniversary sale which is just around the corner. 

As interns we actually had a pretty big part in the rally. This years rally was a super hero theme and it was hilarious. Our job as Hero's in Training was to remodel our fashion victim with hot new merchandise that we have for anniversary. It was a lot of fun! I got to be on the designer team so it was amazing to get to wear designer clothes that haven't even hit the floors yet. I also have to say our fashion victim looked amazing in a Roberto Cavalli leopard dress and a Pologeogris fur coat! Hot hot hot!

The rally went amazing it was a lot of fun and I was really happy we got to be a part of it. Also, in my department, we had a little photo shoot to send out to customers to get them excited about anniversary, as well as, our newest pre-fall merchandise. I have learned that anything you can do to attract your customer always helps. I'm really excited for anniversary to start and can't wait to reach my goals for the sale! 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Nordstrom Rack Day

This week we got to do something really exciting! We got to have a Rack experience day and since I have never been to a Nordstrom Rack it was really exciting and very informational for me.  I fell in love with the Rack, I mean who doesn't love Nordstrom merchandise at clearance prices. 

I really learned a lot about what sets the Rack apart from a full line store and how they still give that amazing customer services but its more along the lines of being there for the customer instead of trying to build a lasting relationship. The Rack is set up into a few different departments unlike the full line stores which have a department for every little thing. It's mostly a women's, men's, and kids department, accessories, and shoes    . There are two different managers who manage those departments and everything is a lot more laid back. 

The Rack experience is still just as amazing as the full line store experience plus you can always find some pretty amazing deals. Although, the employees don't work off of commission they are still there to assist you when you need help. I was actually able to find two great purchases that I was really stoked about and I can't wait to go back. I would definitely like to work in a Rack one day as I grow with the company. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Managing Your Business

     We recently had our second class for the internship. It was hosted at the Pentagon City Nordstrom, and the main topic was managing your business. In order to become a successful leader you have to be able to manage your own business very well through out the day. This can make or break your ability to be a successful manager. In this lesson we discussed compliance, scheduling, and organizing and managing your day.

     One of the first things we discussed was compliance guidelines which may not be the most exciting aspect to being an assistant manager but they are still super important. You have to make sure your employees are being paid for their time, scheduled fairly, and given clear expectations. Also, customer privacy and public image falls under the compliance guideline. I learned that it is super important to make sure these guidelines are being followed in order to run a successful business.

     Another important thing we learned to day was how to organize and manage our day. A well known Nordstrom saying is "On the floor 11-4", meaning during that time you should be out on the floor supporting your team, interacting with customers, and coaching selling. This is the most important time of you day because it helps your team and at the end of the day helps drive results. As for the rest of your day you should be pulling reports, merchandising the floor, checking personal book, resolving issues, and any other things that need to be done well your not present on the floor. There's many things that do have to be covered through out the day, so it is best to make a "To Do List" that way you can remember to complete all your tasks.

     This class was very useful. It gave me a lot of insight to what an assistant managers day consists of, as well as, tips to make it go by smoothly. I learned that a planner will be a major necessity to keep me organized and on top of everything. Also, I know that I will absolutely have to plan my day, everyday and make sure to prioritize my list so that the most important things are being done as soon as possible. I really enjoy these classes and being able to go to the different stores in our region and see how they do things.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Fall Trends

Jimmy Choo "Drift" Bootie & Clutch + Prada Pump
     Basically the past week my department manager has really been going over the trends for our pre-fall merchandise. Mostly what the hot items are going to be. I am loving the trends for this fall from all of the designers were carry. There are a few pairs that are absolute must haves for the fall season!

     One of the hottest trends for this fall are pointy toe pumps. Almost every pump we have received for fall merchandise has a pointy toe. I have fallen in love with so many of the styles, so I know customers will too! Our target customer for our area is a more conservative lady, therefore, we do carry a more moderate heel height to meet her needs, but we definitely have plenty of different styles to choose from.
Jimmy Choo "Wheel" Smoking Slipper & Bag

     Designers are really playing around with different textures this fall. Which makes the shoe stand out more and definitely gives the customer a 2 for 1 kinda deal. Jimmy Choo has really been mixing up the textures for fall. There are a few different styles that fade from suede to a patent leather, and also, from one color to another. There are pretty amazing and most definitely my favorite style for fall, not to mention, they are also pointy toe! =)

     A few other trends you can look forward to for fall are, open toed booties (LOVE LOVE LOVE), bow pumps, suede to pony hair, and shiny shiny shiny! Overall, I'm pretty much in shoe heaven at Nordstrom! Our pre-fall show case event is tomorrow giving our customers the opportunity to get their fall merchandise asap. We are also giving out gifts, and having contests. It should be a lot of fun <3 !

Fav style of the week! "Jimmy Choo 'Anouk' Degrade Pump"

Sunday, June 16, 2013

What Providing Amazing Customer Service Actually Entails

     A couple times this week I have been able to provide some really good customer service, by just being more involved with the customer and going out of my way to really meet their needs. Not every customer is the same, some customers come in get what they want and then they are on there way. Other customers need someone their to be honest and really help them so they can leave happily and ready to show off their new shoes.

     There were a few customers this week that I was really able to help in every way and make their life a little easier. One of my customers was looking for a few different pairs of shoes, but a few of them we didn't have her size. That's not really a huge deal at Nordstrom though because you can do a merchandise search on the item and it will pull up the every Nordstrom in the company were it is still available. So I was able to find this customer her shoe at a different store and was able to have it shipped right to her house. I think that is an awesome thing that Nordstrom does it really keeps our customers satisfied!

     One of my other customers this week was looking for a shoe for a wedding that she had to attend that evening. She was kind of in a hurry, so I knew that I needed to try my hardest to help her find what she was looking for and get her on her way. I pulled her a few different shoes that she had been looking at and also a pair that was kinda different that I thought she might like. Luckily enough she fell in love with the shoe that she really hadn't had  in mind. It fit her foot perfectly and was a more comfortable fit than the other shoes she had picked. I was really glad to have been able to read my customer well and go a little bit outside of her box. She left really happy with her purchase and I can't wait to follow up with her to see how the shoes worked for her at the wedding.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Meeting Erik Nordstrom

     This week has been really exciting. As an intern I got to attend my first internship class. I also got to attend my first rec meeting. The rec meetings are for every  Nordstrom in our region to come together to talk about how the region is doing, announce any changes, and also praise employees who have been working hard. The rec meeting was a lot of fun with music, a few games, and also Erik Nordstrom was a guest speaker! Erik is one of the three Nordstrom brothers, and he is the president of all full line stores.

     During the rec meeting Erik mainly talked about new things that were happening and how the company is trying to evolve more to assist customers in every way. He showed a video on new apps that are in the process, as well as, new technologies that will be very useful. Another topic that Erik touched on was customer service. He read allowed some emails that he had received from customers and just continued with the fact that doing the best we can for our customers really pays off in the end.

     After the rec meeting all the interns in the region got to have a question and answer meeting with Erik. It was a really good experience to hear his insights about Nordstrom, and what it was like for him working his way to the bottom (remember inverted pyramid). All of the interns had lots of questions, but mainly the questions were focused on Nordstrom heading to Canada, and how pricing and everything is going to play out. Erik was very helpful in answering our questions and giving us more knowledge about the company.  I really enjoyed meeting him and hearing his story.
Tyson's Corner Interns with Erik Nordstrom

Friday, June 14, 2013

Nordstrom Culture

     Every other week the interns in our region get together for our internship classes. This week the class was held at Tysons Corner, and it was on Nordstrom Culture. We covered many things that we learned in the new hire orientation only in more detail. The main topics of our class were; the inverted pyramid, servant leadership, and leaving it better than you found it.

     As intern we are in the position to be promoted to an assistant manager position at the end of our internship based upon our performance. According to Nordstrom's inverted pyramid you don't move up the pyramid you move down. I think this business strategy is excellent and works really well for Nordstrom, since they are a company based solely on their reputation for amazing customer service. Nordstrom focuses all of their attention to who is at the top of the pyramid which is the customer. After the customer comes the sales team, and anyone below them is their in order to support them to do the best they can in assisting and providing for the customer.
Inverted Pyramid sample

     The next thing we talked about in our class was servant leadership. Nordstrom believes in promoting from within, meaning everyone starts at the top and works their way to the bottom. Even the three Nordstrom brothers' started out in the stock room and made their way to the bottom. Servant leadership to me means that you have worked for your position, and that you are able to better support your team because you were once in their shoes. As a servant leader you wouldn't ask you team to do something you would never do. You also would be able to grow from all your past experiences. Nordstrom relies heavily on servant leadership in order to have a good team who is willing to provide excellent customer service.

     One of the last things we discussed was, leaving it better than you found it. At Nordstrom they believe in constantly evolving and becoming better today than they were yesterday. As a Nordstrom employee working there way to the bottom of the pyramid you should always be leaving the last position you held better than what it was when you first got there. By being a servant leader is one of the first steps you can take to make this happen. You can also think out of the box, know your customers wants, and build a strong team, who is willing to go above and beyond for the customer.

     This class really opened my eyes to Nordstrom's culture and I am glad to have a better understanding of it now. It amazes me how they really believe in promoting from within, and that even the Nordstrom brothers' were once in the stock room. It just goes to show you what a good company Nordstrom is to work for. They are constantly changing and evolving to meet their customers needs and are on top of their game. I look forward to our next class and getting more involved in the internship.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Time for Fall Merchandise Already?!

     Ever since my first day on Monday we've been getting new merchandise in almost every day, and it is all pre-fall merchandise. I always knew fall merchandise came out pretty soon I guess I just never realized how soon. Especially with the designer shoes and clothing, pre-fall merchandise is coming in and leaving just as fast. It's just really neat to see it happen in the store. Some customers have been coming in commenting on how crazy it is that boots are already out, and others already know that they have to get these items now because they won't be around when it is fall.

Dior Boot and Bootie

     It is one of our main goals during this time to be selling pre-fall merchandise, because it has to be pushed out so that more can come in. If we don't get it sold it could possibly be moved to another store who is selling it, so that is another thing we have to keep in mind. Today I actually sold some pre-fall items, so I was pretty excited! Also, customers who are in with the new and who want the newest merchandise can even make reservations for the pre-fall merchandise that we have not received yet. Once they make a reservation the shoe will be shipped to them as soon as it comes in. Reservations are another thing that our team tries to focus on.

Tory Burch Bootie
     I really enjoying seeing this new merchandise hit our floors that designers are putting out, as well as, being able to see the ones that haven't came out yet. It's things like that that you don't get see without this experience. In a couple of weeks we are actually having a pre-fall show case event for all of the pre-fall merchandise coming in. We will be having a drawing for our customers, as well as, a contest between the team. I am really excited about the event and hopefully it will be a good learning experience. I have learned so much in just the first week that I will definitely be able to take it with me for the future.

Gucci Boots


Friday, June 7, 2013

Learning New Things

    Over the past couple of days I have been learning everything from the stock room and the POS to how to approach customers in my own way. Everyone in my department has been really friendly and helpful while I have been learning everything. I will be honest it's a lot to take in and to get use to. It will definitely take me another week or so to be able to fully know how to do everything, and still be able to assist my customers at the same time.

     One of my main focuses right now is to learn the stock room like the back of my hand. Everyone of my team members has said that it is highly necessary to be able to assist your customers in a timely manner. In order to give them outstanding service I don't want to have to keep them waiting. The stock room is pretty tricky, because there are so many shoes, but I am already getting better at finding my way around..

     Today was my first day on the floor, not in training, and it went pretty well. I got to be in the rotations with the team which consists of being on the floor, straightening up the stock room, or at the cash rep answering the phone or fulfilling DTC's (direct to customer). There's really no down time, I had something to do the entire 8 hours I was there today. To top off the day I actually got some sales and that's really something I enjoyed doing. Helping customers pick out their shoes for an event or just because is really fun and a really good way to learn more about them to be able to assist them in the future. I plan on continuing to get better at the POS and in the stock room, so hopefully within the next week I can really focus on creating good relationships with my customers.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My Positon, Expectations, & Goals

     I have officially started as a Nordstrom intern, and so far it has been really great. I am in the Salon Shoes department and I am really excited to start selling and building relationships with customers! These first two days I have been in training. In my classes I have learned all about the history of Nordstrom; who they are, what they do, and where they are going in the future. I found out that Nordstrom in Tysons Corner was the first one put on the East Coast. Not only is it the flagship store, but it is also the largest one on the East Coast, as well. It is really exciting to be a part of the Tysons Corner Nordstrom Team and be able to learn more about this company.
An official Nordstrom employee :)

     Today my day was split up into training and shadowing my department manager. This morning I was trained on the POS and got to do transactions using different types of payment methods. I also learned selling techniques, different ways to approach your customer, and how to connect with them to build that personal relationship that Nordstrom strives towards with every customer. I also learned a lot about their fashion rewards cards, which is a great way for loyal Nordstrom customers to gain benefits by shopping there. The second half of my day I got to meet my department manager and a few of my team members in the Salon Shoes department. I pretty much got to dive right in with helping customers, but mostly I was just trying to learn our department and our stock room. It was a long successful day and I'm pretty stoked for learning more through out the rest of the week.
Outfit of the day!
     I am really thrilled to be a part of the Nordstrom team this summer and gain new knowledge and skills from this amazing experience. Big things are changing and happening with Nordstrom and I'm glad to be a part of it. I haven't been told yet what my daily/weekly goals are, but I plan to do what I can to reach those, as well as, make and reach my own personal goals. I really want to put everything I have into this internship and hopefully be offered a position for after I graduate. I am ready to meet customers needs and building lasting relationships with them. We have been told to be honest, go above and beyond, and make sure they really love what they are buying, and I plan to do all of those to satisfy my customers. I can't wait to see what's in store for the rest of this internship and I plan to make the most of it!