Friday, June 7, 2013

Learning New Things

    Over the past couple of days I have been learning everything from the stock room and the POS to how to approach customers in my own way. Everyone in my department has been really friendly and helpful while I have been learning everything. I will be honest it's a lot to take in and to get use to. It will definitely take me another week or so to be able to fully know how to do everything, and still be able to assist my customers at the same time.

     One of my main focuses right now is to learn the stock room like the back of my hand. Everyone of my team members has said that it is highly necessary to be able to assist your customers in a timely manner. In order to give them outstanding service I don't want to have to keep them waiting. The stock room is pretty tricky, because there are so many shoes, but I am already getting better at finding my way around..

     Today was my first day on the floor, not in training, and it went pretty well. I got to be in the rotations with the team which consists of being on the floor, straightening up the stock room, or at the cash rep answering the phone or fulfilling DTC's (direct to customer). There's really no down time, I had something to do the entire 8 hours I was there today. To top off the day I actually got some sales and that's really something I enjoyed doing. Helping customers pick out their shoes for an event or just because is really fun and a really good way to learn more about them to be able to assist them in the future. I plan on continuing to get better at the POS and in the stock room, so hopefully within the next week I can really focus on creating good relationships with my customers.

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