Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Managing Your Business

     We recently had our second class for the internship. It was hosted at the Pentagon City Nordstrom, and the main topic was managing your business. In order to become a successful leader you have to be able to manage your own business very well through out the day. This can make or break your ability to be a successful manager. In this lesson we discussed compliance, scheduling, and organizing and managing your day.

     One of the first things we discussed was compliance guidelines which may not be the most exciting aspect to being an assistant manager but they are still super important. You have to make sure your employees are being paid for their time, scheduled fairly, and given clear expectations. Also, customer privacy and public image falls under the compliance guideline. I learned that it is super important to make sure these guidelines are being followed in order to run a successful business.

     Another important thing we learned to day was how to organize and manage our day. A well known Nordstrom saying is "On the floor 11-4", meaning during that time you should be out on the floor supporting your team, interacting with customers, and coaching selling. This is the most important time of you day because it helps your team and at the end of the day helps drive results. As for the rest of your day you should be pulling reports, merchandising the floor, checking personal book, resolving issues, and any other things that need to be done well your not present on the floor. There's many things that do have to be covered through out the day, so it is best to make a "To Do List" that way you can remember to complete all your tasks.

     This class was very useful. It gave me a lot of insight to what an assistant managers day consists of, as well as, tips to make it go by smoothly. I learned that a planner will be a major necessity to keep me organized and on top of everything. Also, I know that I will absolutely have to plan my day, everyday and make sure to prioritize my list so that the most important things are being done as soon as possible. I really enjoy these classes and being able to go to the different stores in our region and see how they do things.

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