Friday, June 14, 2013

Nordstrom Culture

     Every other week the interns in our region get together for our internship classes. This week the class was held at Tysons Corner, and it was on Nordstrom Culture. We covered many things that we learned in the new hire orientation only in more detail. The main topics of our class were; the inverted pyramid, servant leadership, and leaving it better than you found it.

     As intern we are in the position to be promoted to an assistant manager position at the end of our internship based upon our performance. According to Nordstrom's inverted pyramid you don't move up the pyramid you move down. I think this business strategy is excellent and works really well for Nordstrom, since they are a company based solely on their reputation for amazing customer service. Nordstrom focuses all of their attention to who is at the top of the pyramid which is the customer. After the customer comes the sales team, and anyone below them is their in order to support them to do the best they can in assisting and providing for the customer.
Inverted Pyramid sample

     The next thing we talked about in our class was servant leadership. Nordstrom believes in promoting from within, meaning everyone starts at the top and works their way to the bottom. Even the three Nordstrom brothers' started out in the stock room and made their way to the bottom. Servant leadership to me means that you have worked for your position, and that you are able to better support your team because you were once in their shoes. As a servant leader you wouldn't ask you team to do something you would never do. You also would be able to grow from all your past experiences. Nordstrom relies heavily on servant leadership in order to have a good team who is willing to provide excellent customer service.

     One of the last things we discussed was, leaving it better than you found it. At Nordstrom they believe in constantly evolving and becoming better today than they were yesterday. As a Nordstrom employee working there way to the bottom of the pyramid you should always be leaving the last position you held better than what it was when you first got there. By being a servant leader is one of the first steps you can take to make this happen. You can also think out of the box, know your customers wants, and build a strong team, who is willing to go above and beyond for the customer.

     This class really opened my eyes to Nordstrom's culture and I am glad to have a better understanding of it now. It amazes me how they really believe in promoting from within, and that even the Nordstrom brothers' were once in the stock room. It just goes to show you what a good company Nordstrom is to work for. They are constantly changing and evolving to meet their customers needs and are on top of their game. I look forward to our next class and getting more involved in the internship.

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