Saturday, June 29, 2013

Nordstrom Rack Day

This week we got to do something really exciting! We got to have a Rack experience day and since I have never been to a Nordstrom Rack it was really exciting and very informational for me.  I fell in love with the Rack, I mean who doesn't love Nordstrom merchandise at clearance prices. 

I really learned a lot about what sets the Rack apart from a full line store and how they still give that amazing customer services but its more along the lines of being there for the customer instead of trying to build a lasting relationship. The Rack is set up into a few different departments unlike the full line stores which have a department for every little thing. It's mostly a women's, men's, and kids department, accessories, and shoes    . There are two different managers who manage those departments and everything is a lot more laid back. 

The Rack experience is still just as amazing as the full line store experience plus you can always find some pretty amazing deals. Although, the employees don't work off of commission they are still there to assist you when you need help. I was actually able to find two great purchases that I was really stoked about and I can't wait to go back. I would definitely like to work in a Rack one day as I grow with the company. 

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