Sunday, June 9, 2013

Time for Fall Merchandise Already?!

     Ever since my first day on Monday we've been getting new merchandise in almost every day, and it is all pre-fall merchandise. I always knew fall merchandise came out pretty soon I guess I just never realized how soon. Especially with the designer shoes and clothing, pre-fall merchandise is coming in and leaving just as fast. It's just really neat to see it happen in the store. Some customers have been coming in commenting on how crazy it is that boots are already out, and others already know that they have to get these items now because they won't be around when it is fall.

Dior Boot and Bootie

     It is one of our main goals during this time to be selling pre-fall merchandise, because it has to be pushed out so that more can come in. If we don't get it sold it could possibly be moved to another store who is selling it, so that is another thing we have to keep in mind. Today I actually sold some pre-fall items, so I was pretty excited! Also, customers who are in with the new and who want the newest merchandise can even make reservations for the pre-fall merchandise that we have not received yet. Once they make a reservation the shoe will be shipped to them as soon as it comes in. Reservations are another thing that our team tries to focus on.

Tory Burch Bootie
     I really enjoying seeing this new merchandise hit our floors that designers are putting out, as well as, being able to see the ones that haven't came out yet. It's things like that that you don't get see without this experience. In a couple of weeks we are actually having a pre-fall show case event for all of the pre-fall merchandise coming in. We will be having a drawing for our customers, as well as, a contest between the team. I am really excited about the event and hopefully it will be a good learning experience. I have learned so much in just the first week that I will definitely be able to take it with me for the future.

Gucci Boots


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