Sunday, June 16, 2013

What Providing Amazing Customer Service Actually Entails

     A couple times this week I have been able to provide some really good customer service, by just being more involved with the customer and going out of my way to really meet their needs. Not every customer is the same, some customers come in get what they want and then they are on there way. Other customers need someone their to be honest and really help them so they can leave happily and ready to show off their new shoes.

     There were a few customers this week that I was really able to help in every way and make their life a little easier. One of my customers was looking for a few different pairs of shoes, but a few of them we didn't have her size. That's not really a huge deal at Nordstrom though because you can do a merchandise search on the item and it will pull up the every Nordstrom in the company were it is still available. So I was able to find this customer her shoe at a different store and was able to have it shipped right to her house. I think that is an awesome thing that Nordstrom does it really keeps our customers satisfied!

     One of my other customers this week was looking for a shoe for a wedding that she had to attend that evening. She was kind of in a hurry, so I knew that I needed to try my hardest to help her find what she was looking for and get her on her way. I pulled her a few different shoes that she had been looking at and also a pair that was kinda different that I thought she might like. Luckily enough she fell in love with the shoe that she really hadn't had  in mind. It fit her foot perfectly and was a more comfortable fit than the other shoes she had picked. I was really glad to have been able to read my customer well and go a little bit outside of her box. She left really happy with her purchase and I can't wait to follow up with her to see how the shoes worked for her at the wedding.

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