Saturday, August 3, 2013

Presentation Day

We had our presentation a couple days ago and it went great! Everyone's presentations went really well and I know our judges had a hard time picking a winner. Just for a fresh reminder, we gave presentations on how to gain the attention of the millennial customer. The millennial customer is a younger target market from around 16-23 who is very fashion forward, loves the latest trends, and is price conscious.

We really focused our presentation on how to gain their attention, which would bring them in and make them want to continue to shop at Nordstrom. Our main focus was being more tech savvy, by having a social media hub that could be more interactive and fun for our customers. We also talked a lot about sensory marketing, just having creative visuals, playing good music, and making it more of a one-stop-shop. Our last idea that we ended with, was having an event for the millennial customer. We thought a fashion show would be a good idea and then they could shop the looks after. We could reach out to local schools and make it an annual fun event targeted just to them.

Our presentation went amazing! We presented it in front of the store manager,  one of the regional merchandisers, the manager of designer sales, and also the human resource manager. I was pretty nervous at first, but our team actually did a great job and we were the winning team for our store. It was really exciting that we won and it meant that our video got submitted to be judged for the region. We didn't end up winning regionally but it was still really neat that we won for our store and everyone thought we did an amazing job! It was such a good way to end my last few days as a Nordstrom intern!  

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